Clouds UK Ultimate Manager – Other Features

Unlimited users

  • Unlimited users, unlimited access all for one fixed monthly fee
  • Invite others to your site, get ‘real-time’ data as external contractors upload compliance certificates
  • From the board room to out of hours repairs, everyone who needs it, has access to your ‘real-time’ data

Locked Folders

  • Folders can be locked which means the folder is only visible to the few that have been invited to access the folder, other users of the system are not aware of the folder let alone the content
  • Used for sharing extremely sensitive or business critical information and for financial or legal reasons
  • May be used by an organisation to evidence compliance with GDPR
  • Locking a folder is also used for tendering purposes ensuring tender information is given to the right people and that tender returns are opened at the correct time.


  • Unique view – the user only sees the folders that he or she has permission to view be it the organisation, an estate, a property or an individual folder
  • Various options – read-only, read and write, administrator or deny
  • Locked folders are confidential folders, invite a select view and all other users of the system have no idea it is in existence. Used for sensitive data

Audit trail and accountability

  • Audit trails record everything that anyone does on your site
  • By tracking when important documents have been read, you can confirm that everyone is up to date with the latest information
  • You can view the audit trail of the whole company, a property or project, a folder or any document

Export all compliance data into Microsoft Excel

  • Should more detailed analysis be required compliance data can be exported directly from Ultimate Manager into Microsoft Excel
  • Reduce your reliance on spreadsheets
  • Reduce errors associated with spreadsheets
  • Save on staff time and resources in maintaining spreadsheets

Mobile access

  • Access Clouds UK Ultimate Manager from a desktop, tablet or smart phone
  • No software needed – an internet connection and a web browser is all that is required
  • Access your data 24/7 from anywhere in the world


  • You’re in control of what alerts you receive – the system does not bombard you with useless information
  • Receive an email alert to remind you when a maintenance anniversary is due
  • Receive email alerts to keep you informed of changes to individual properties that you have an interest in

Additional features

  • Ease of use
  • Unlike email there is no size limit on documents/photos

  • Rename folders easily
  • Message boards: quick update on issues concerning a property or project

  • Store photos in thumbnail sizes easy enough to view
  • Training available
  • Link drawings and folders: one document can relate to multiple properties
  • Move incorrectly uploaded files easily
  • Store certificates and supporting documents together
  • Add details such as access arrangements, special notes, key holder details etc


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Ultimate Manager Testimonials

“As part of the recent review of our Asbestos Management procedures Thornton’s decided that we wanted more transparency with regards to our “Duty to Manage”. Additionally we wanted to share asbestos information with our contractors and consultants; so the solution had to be a web based portal. When we saw Ultimate Manager we knew that it was exactly what we needed. By using Ultimate Manager we have real time access to our asbestos surveys and can plan and budget for remedial works and re-inspection surveys. The portal is easy to use and only minimal training is needed. One of my favourite features though is the audit trail that enables me to see if a maintenance contractor has (or hasn’t!) viewed the online asbestos register prior to visiting a store to undertake building works.”

Simon Tansley, Thornton's
“Ultimate Manager has enabled William Hill to communicate effectively to our whole team.”
Richard Moore, William Hill

“I would not hesitate in recommending Ultimate Manager to any prospective users.”

Andy Cartlidge, Magnet